The first ART party in Tallinn

Everyone has the opportunity at least for a few hours to feel like an artist
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Jule 27 "Surf Camping" on the Pirita beach

Party Flash Art

Everyone can draw a picture
Following the instructions and support professional artist everyone will create their own masterpiece No more difficult than holding a glass
Everything for creativity
Full set of artist glass favorite drink in the best places cities
In a friendly and positive atmosphere
Professional presenters will create for you a holiday and charge emotions. During the party you will take participation in competitions

The nearest party

Чёрная пантера

Уверенность лидера, ярость охотника и мощная жизненная энергия.
Присущая всем кошкам грация и гибкость в сочетании с невероятной дикой красотой.

Анималистичные принты который сезон уверенно держатся в списке трендов.
Наши художники помогут приручить этого «зверя», а вы вы сможете добавить тропической фауны в свой интерьер.

25 July, 18:00
3 / 26

Surf Rider’s Camp

Art&Surf party – два приключения за один выходной!
FLASH ART и серф школа Time to Surf организуют совместную вечеринку.
Катаемся на SUP и рисуем картину настоящих авантюристов и путешественников!
Профессиональные художники FLASH ART поддержат вас в создании шедевра, а инструктор Time to Surf проведет инструктаж и сопроводит прогулку на воде.
SUP серфинг– доступный для всех вид серфинга, который не требует специальных навыков.

Присоединяйтесь – будет здорово!
Только 10 МЕСТ. Регистрация обязательна
В стоимость включены все материалы для рисования и снаряжение для серфинга (доска, весло, костюм, жилет), и прохладительные безалкогольные напитки.
Вечеринка состоится на пляже в хорошую погоду, возможен перенос на новую дату.

Say Yes for Summer Weekend Adventures!)

27 July, 14:00
3 / 10

Girl with a cocktail

Flash Art party are for those who always wanted to try painting but never took a chance. With our guided classes, you will make the first step nice and easy. Just grab a brush, take a sip and let yourself dive into creativity.
This time we party at amazing Odeon bar, where every corner is an inspiration for our tropical painting. „Girl with a cocktail“ is a bright and colourful image that you will paint on a canvas with acrylic paint. All necessities and a drink are included.

The event is in the Russian language, but our assistants will support you in English and Estonian if needed.

8 August, 19:00
1 / 24

Ананасовый рай

Настала очередь отдать должное еще одному модному тропическому принту – фрукту с узнаваемой формой. Пишем ананас в задорных оттенках. Крупный, броский, аппетитный… ммм)

Тропические фрукты всегда манили своим необыкновенным видом, бодрящим и настраивающим на позитивный лад. Легкость, оптимизм, воодушевление – настроения, которые излучает фруктовый рисунок.

Яркий акцент, который будет отвечать за летнее настроение и свежесть в вашем доме круглый год.

24 August, 17:00
0 / 26

How are parties

Say about us

- creativity and positive emotions
Zhanna and Kate about the party
"This is rest, fun, funny, in a game form"
Аlyona about the party
"It is useful for everyone ... to take a break from an accelerated life, to plunge into creativity, to fall into childhood"
Ksenia about the party
"Nice ... Good reboot and relax"
Ksenia about the party
"The ability to get something spiritual and material"
Julia about the party
"This is truly ... Sincere emotions, finding yourself and something more than a daily routine"
Inna about the party
"Atmosphere of relaxation, buzz, drive, fun"
Alesya about the party
"Such an enormous experience received, aesthetic pleasure ..."

Frequent question

What materials do I need to for a party?
The cost of the event includes all materials (easel, canvas, brushes, paints, apron) and a glass of wine, which if desired can be replaced with a cup of tea or coffee. From the party you take your picture and a great mood.
What if I absolutely cannot draw?
You do not need drawing skills. You will succeed, even if you have never held a brush in your hands. Our artists are working in detail instructions and drawing sequence.
If you booked a place, but will not прийти на мероприятие?
You can cancel your reservation with a full refund in 3 days. You can also transfer participation 24 hours before the start.
What are the special conditions and discounts for participation in parties?
It is more profitable with friends: two together 10%, three together 15%, a company from 5 people 20%.

Give emotions

Gift card
Some information about the gift card. A complete set of the artist, a glass of your favorite drink in the best places of the city
ART party for any company
- Corporate event
- Birthday
- Hen-party
- Children's holiday

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