The first ART parties in Tallinn

Everyone has an opportunity to be an artist at least for a few hours
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25th of September - Resin Art - abstract paintings with epoxy resin

Flash Art parties

Everyone will make it
You don't need any previous experience! Our Artists will guide you step-by-step to create your first masterpiece.
Art pack for creativity
Just show up ready for fun and we’ll cover the rest, from the art supplies to the glass of wine in the best restaurants of Tallinn.
Friendly atmosphere
Come with friends or make new ones! We create an inspiring environment and a community of like-minded people.

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Golden mountain art

Golden mountain art

The Golden mountain is a symbol of extreme wealth, strength, and power. Make any space come to life by hanging this artist-designed Golden Mountain Abstract Art.

This wall canvas captures life through the beauty of nature. Handcraft exclusive art and painting essentials, these art pieces add glamour and sophistication to any decorative style in your home or office.

Canvas 40*50

The price includes a drink of your choice: wine, coffee, tea

Feel like a real painter! Draw the mountain landscape with golden leaves supported by FLA ART artists

27 November, 18:00
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This is how we do it

What people say

- creativity and positive emotions
FLash art party review
"I had a great time"
Zhanna and Kate about the party
"This is rest, fun, funny, in a game form"
Аlyona about the party
"It is useful for everyone ... to take a break from an accelerated life, to plunge into creativity, to fall into childhood"
Ksenia about the party
"Nice ... Good reboot and relax"
Ksenia about the party
"The ability to get something spiritual and material"
Julia about the party
"This is truly ... Sincere emotions, finding yourself and something more than a daily routine"
Inna about the party
"Atmosphere of relaxation, buzz, drive, fun"
Alesya about the party
"Such an enormous experience received, aesthetic pleasure ..."


What do I need to bring?
Just yourself. We provide the canvas, easel, brushes, paint, apron, and a glass of wine. Of course, you can switch to a cup of tea or coffee. From the party, you will get your awesome painting and a great mood.
What if I have no painting skills?
No previous experience is needed. Believe us, you will succeed, even if you have never held a brush in your hands. Our artists will guide you through every step and will ensure you complete your masterpiece.
What if I've booked a place but can't make it ?
You can cancel your reservation with a full refund in 3 days. You can also transfer participation 24 hours before the start.
Do you have discounts for bigger groups?
It is more profitable with friends: two together 5%, three together 10%, a company from 4 people 15%.

Give emotions

Gift card
FlashArt gift card is a unique gift for someone special in your life!

The card recipient can choose:
to attend a party on a suitable date from our schedule
to get a video workshop from our library.

Get an electronic gift card online or as a postcard at a party.
ART party on your taste
We make unforgettable parties for any occasion:

- Corporate and team-building events
- Birthday and Bachelorette parties
- Kids and family fun events

Let's create a thematic experience for your special event!

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