Terms of use

Before using the site https://flashart.ee </ span> , please read the agreement below, which is a public offer (a proposal to conclude an agreement). The agreement includes the procedure for working with personal data of users. </ Span> </ p>

ARTFLASH OÜ, hereinafter the Site Administration reserves the right to change or add to these terms of confidentiality at any time, if necessary, by informing about it on the site. You agree to accept responsibility for becoming familiar with the agreement and the changes in it. </ Span> </ p>


Website – a website located on the Internet at </ span> https://flashart.ee </ span> < span class = “s1”>, including all its sections, pages, design, program code, content (text, graphic, video materials, photos, audiovisual elements), other objects of intellectual property. </ span> </ p> Administration – the administrator and copyright holder of the Site and all its elements.

User – Any person who visits the Site, including individuals, agreements, regardless of the fact of registration and authorization procedures. </ span> </ p>

Personal data – any information relating to the User, being an individual, which makes it possible to identify this individual. </ span> </ p>

2. USE OF PERSONAL DATA: </ b> </ span> </ p>

2.1. By accepting the terms of this agreement, you confirm your full and unconditional consent to the storage and processing of personal data using any functions of the site (by subscribing to mailings, registering for events, ordering a gift certificate, etc.) </ span> </ p>

2.2. To be processed: </ span> </ p>

  • Last Name, First Name </ span> </ li>
  • Email Address </ span> </ li>
  • Phone Number </ span> </ li> </ ul>

    2.3. By processing personal data we mean a list of actions: collecting, recording, organizing, accumulating, storing, refining (updating, changing) retrieving, using, personalizing user experience, </ span> providing access , de-identification, blocking, deletion, destruction of personal data, including using automation tools. </ span> </ p>

    2.4. The administration does not process and does not save such client data as bank account numbers and client payment data </ ​​span> </ p>

    2.5. </ span> Information and personal data will be processed in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act, </ span> domestic legal acts and legal acts of the European Union </ span > and will not be disclosed to third parties. </ span> </ p>

    2.6. Leaving your data, the User agrees with the Administration: </ span> </ p>

    • Use a phone number, email addresses or other electronic means of communication for informational and advertising purposes: </ span> </ li>
    • Inform about the changing functionality of the Site and about changes to this agreement </ span> </ li>
    • Send periodic messages, newsletters, information about products, services, company promotions, other informational and promotional materials </ span> </ li>
    • Contact for services: send confirmations, changes in registration to events, issue a loyal customer card, order gift certificates, etc.) </ span> </ li>
    • Verify the accuracy and completeness of any information provided by the User </ span> </ li>
    • Save and confirm the history of correspondence exchange </ span> </ li> </ ul> 2.7. The user also agrees to </ span> photo and video recording of the event with his participation and the publication of these materials free of charge on the resources of the Administration, in the media and the Internet. </ Span> 2.8. This agreement is valid indefinitely, while the User has the opportunity to opt out of it and, accordingly, from receiving mailings by a request sent to the email address of the Administration. </ Span> 2.9. The site administration undertakes to use personal data in accordance with the requirements of the Republic of Estonia on personal data protection legislation. </ Span> 3. USE OF THE SITE </ b> 3.1. All rights to the Site Content, including all sections, pages, design, program code, logo and elements of corporate identity, content (text, graphic, video materials, photographs, audiovisual elements), registered and unregistered trademarks and names of services other objects intellectual property, unless otherwise specified, belongs to the Administration and is protected from illegal use. </ span> 3.2. The rights of ARTFLASH OÜ are protected by the Copyright Act of the Republic of Estonia. </ Span> 3.3. Reproduction, transfer, exchange or storage of the content of the Site which in any form without prior </ span> written consent of ARTFLASH OÜ is prohibited. </ span> 3.4. The administration does not guarantee, is not liable for direct or indirect damage, and does not compensate losses to users and other persons caused by failures, distortions in the update process, compatibility problems with other devices, software products, operating systems, browsers; support and operation of the Site, technical problems and electrical failures on the side of the Administration or third parties. </ span> 3.5. The Administration does not give Users any express or implied guarantees regarding the availability, accuracy, reliability of information, practical applicability of the information contained on the pages of the site. </ Span>

      4. CHANGES IN ORDER AND REFUND CONDITIONS: </ b> </ span> </ p>

      4.1. The User has the right to return the funds for the paid places no later than 24 hours before the start of the event for which he has booked participation, provided that the User has notified in writing about the cancellation of the service by e-mail. If this deadline is violated, the Administrator has the right to refuse the User to return the funds. The funds are returned to the client by transferring to the bank account specified in the payment order for payment of </ span> measures, less bank charges associated with money transfer. </ Span> </ p >

      4.2. When canceling the reservation, the Administrator returns the amount of money paid for the purchase of seats in the required amount to the User. When the number of seats in an order changes, which implies a reduction in the size of the discount and the return of tickets sold at a discount, the return is paid taking into account the recalculation of the order amount, taking into account the current price. </ Span> </ p>

      4.3. The user can also transfer the reservation no later than 24 hours before the start of the booked event to participate in any subsequent event that is announced in the schedule on the Website, warning the Administrator in writing by email, taking into account the amount paid by him for the event. refused. Transfer of armor is possible no more than once. </ Span> </ p>

      4.4. When the User purchases a Gift Card, no refund will be made. The card is valid for one year. Registration for the event recipient card is required. </ Span> </ p>

      4.5. Prices for ARTFLASH OÜ services are determined unilaterally and are indicated on the website. The administration has the right to unilaterally change the prices of services, methods and terms of payment, the procedure for the return of funds, etc., by posting information about this on the website. The changes take effect immediately after they are published on the </ span> website and are considered communicated to the client from the moment they are published. </ Span> </ p>

      4.6. </ span> Payment for the services provided can be made either through the website ARTFLASH OÜ , or by transferring money to the current account of ARTFLASH OÜ . </ span> </ p>

      5. CONTACT INFORMATION </ b> </ span> </ p>

      ARTFLASH OÜ </ span> </ p>

      Registration number 14510791 </ span> </ p>

      Address: Narva mnt 15, Tallinn </ span> </ p>

      Phone: +372 588 18 117 </ span> </ p>

      Email address: hello@flashart.ee </ span> </ p>

      Current edition of the User Agreement: .July 20, 2020 </ span> </ p>

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